Let It Go

overactSometimes you’re more tied to drama than you realize. Though an event may be long past, devotion to it keeps it front of mind. You may constantly think about it, play out different scenarios, and talk about it to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to the story. Again.

What you don’t realize is a seamless integration of past with present has taken place. You have unconsciously woven a previous grievance into the fabric of your current identity.

Granted, some situations do require resolution. However, you must determine if you are driven by egoic concerns or the genuine desire for greater good. Ego driven action tends to keep you going in circles, or even backwards. Action for the greater good propels you forward.

Your drama is taking up space. Willingly let it go to make room for something more favorable.

Tweet this: Drama diverts all that is rightfully yours.

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