Wild and Precious

Woman at beach with arms outstretched

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’ ~Mary Oliver

This popular quote is something we need to ask ourselves everyday…perhaps, every hour. Living on automatic is so easy, but if you were constantly reminded of this very singular experience, would you be living differently?

Would the thing at the top of today’s priority list truly matter in the big scheme of things? Would you be bothered by annoyances such as traffic delays? Would you make different decisions, engage different people, or take more risks?

It’s easy to get drawn into the minutiae of daily living. Remember to expand outward and look at the totality of it. Do you want your “one wild and precious life” to turn out to be an uninspired experience? Probably not.

What needs to change today to bring you closer to a life of inspiration?

Tweet this: Expiration is promised.  Inspiration is optional. 

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