Finding Your Rhythm

tangoWe live in a world full of cycles: the phases of the moon, the seasons, the earth’s rotation and revolution. Our own bodies are constantly going through cycles of growth, death and renewal. Rhythms play throughout our existence.

What is challenging is to identify our own place amongst these universal patterns. We can often feel out of sync with everything around us.

Consider this. Compared to healthy cells, a cancer cell grows in an uncoordinated fashion. It is out of rhythm. When we don’t understand how to participate in the dance of life, we, too, can become the disruptive element – the pathology.

Learning to fall into rhythm, isn’t about conformity. Life is not a line dance. It’s more of an intricate tango where you partner with the Universe to create something of beauty. Your flow finds a way to complement what is already presented to you.

Tweet this: Find and trust in your rhythm.

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