Trusting the Journey

walking-alone-on-long-road-wallpaper-in-1920x1280-resolution-w-l-ibackgroundz.comWhen you’re looking for tremendous change in your life, it’s hard to envision how it may come about. You have to start somewhere but the beginning of any lengthy journey may feel discouraging.

When you know in your heart of hearts that there is a particular space you should occupy, understand that nothing can stop you. What is yours is yours. However, you have to firmly believe in that.

Your certainty and focus will conjure up the third element over which you have no control – Divine convergence.

This is where synchronicity happens. Unimagined opportunity appears. Allies come out of seemingly nowhere. Quantum leaps take place. Why? Because the Universe isn’t restricted to lining things up in a linear fashion.

Don’t be discouraged by what seems to be a long or impossible path. Start walking with determination and then allow yourself to be carried by Universal grace.

Tweet this: Committed action summons Divine assistance.

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