Did You Hear Yourself?

Words-and-power“Life is difficult. It is a struggle and you must fight for what you want.”

“Life can be challenging but you have the ability to answer the call to rise.”

On the surface, it seems they are saying the same thing – one more forcefully, the other more gently. Depending on your personality, one may sit well with you whereas the other doesn’t resonate at all.

Words matter. They shape the way we see the world and how we subsequently choose to act in it. When we become more aware of the specific language we’re using, we reveal our deepest beliefs about the world and about ourselves.

What is it that you have been saying about how your life is unfolding? What subtle changes in your speech may give you a much-needed shift in perspective?

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2 thoughts on “Did You Hear Yourself?

  1. I think it was during my “law of attraction” days/phase that I learned to measure and thoughtfully consider the words I allow to escape from my mouth. We have almost no control over what thoughts arise; but with practice, we have almost full control over our words. It’s good to be reminded of these things.

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