Loose Ends

Loose-Ends-2Life isn’t always neat and tidy. Every situation doesn’t necessarily receive obvious closure. However, there are many situations where we choose to leave things dangling. It’s these willingly unresolved issues that get in the way of individual progression.

These loose ends keep parts of us rooted in the past and only when we acknowledge them will we be free to move untethered.

Is there anyone whom you owe an apology? Is there money that you must repay? Could you relieve someone else by giving them a much needed explanation? Have you said “I love you” to those needing to hear it? Have you forgiven yourself? Are there promises you did not fulfill?

The list is endless for the ways in which we leave ourselves (and others) hanging. So ask yourself, which loose ends need to be tied up? What is within your capability to release once and for all?

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