Permission to Feel

fg0539It’s human nature to compare yourself to the next person. What we own, what we look like, who we know, what we do…the list is endless. Much of these things, we take far more seriously than necessary.

But we also compare our emotions which can be to our detriment. If you are feeling disappointment, sadness, or shame, it’s easy to write it off as not being as profound as the next person’s experience. For example, you may not want to divulge your grief over a breakup because it’s not as bad as someone having cancer.

Though it’s helpful to eventually gain perspective on your situation, that does not mean you must stifle your suffering. Unexpressed emotion becomes toxic.

It’s imperative that you find the middle ground between wallowing and denial. You must find an outlet – a trusted friend, a journal, a therapist – where you can let it go. Emotions are always telling you something about yourself and you always have a right to figure out what that is.

Tweet this: You have permission to feel whatever it is that you feel.

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