Sick and Tired?

sick-and-tiredEver catch yourself using this phrase? Well, that stops today.

Every time you say “I’m sick of…” or “I’m tired of…” all you are doing is affirming the very thing you don’t want.

And if you believe in the power of words, repeatedly telling the Universe you are tired is saying that you just can’t take on anything else – even if that means good things. You are too exhausted to handle good fortune.

Try substituting “I’m tired” with “I’m ready.”

When you come up against those barriers or energy drains, claim your readiness for the next level, the next opportunity. Not only will you be diminishing the power of the negative, you’ll be allowing the Universe to bring you all that you think you deserve…and more.

Tweet this: Maybe the things you want haven’t come to you yet because you haven’t offered an invitation.

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