Emotional Rollercoasters

Emotions_faces_webIn the midst of great challenges, emotion can overwhelm us. Whether it’s observing or experiencing global conflict, community issues, or personal angst, our feelings are our default lenses. Quite often, they can lead us in less than optimal directions if we allow them to go unchecked.

Think of emotions as separate entities trying to live. In order to thrive, they have to find a willing host. Once they find an unsuspecting space to occupy, they run wild.

This is not to say to have our defenses up against them. Denial or suppression is unhealthy. What we do need, though, is to be conscious of the emotions that settle in and explore the root reasons for their occupation. Once we are able to process its core, then we’re able to deal effectively and eventually release them.

When dealing with emotion, you have to step out of it in order to step up. (Tweet this)

To live a conscious life is to be able to observe ALL that you are. This includes your emotions. But remember, they are not you. They just pass through you.

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