What’s Driving You?



Drive is important, but it’s more important to figure out exactly what is driving you. Only when you are conscious of this can you make the best decisions possible. How can you tell if your desire is genuine or if ego is running the show?

Ego in charge (ego-driven):

  • You believe your choice will make you look good to others.
  • You are following the expectations of your family/society.
  • You are making your decision based solely on practicality.
  • Your choices feel forced.
  • Intuition is never a factor in your decision making.

When the real you is in charge (soul-driven), there is only one reason you move forward:

  • Because, you must.

You are compelled to move by an innate force which goes beyond surface (and sometimes flawed) logic.

Tweet this:  Soul-driven motivations aren’t tainted with egoic concerns.

The consequences of your decisions are more likely to be rewarding and long-lasting. The next time you set out to do or experience something, make sure it’s for all the right reasons. Be certain that the real you is in the driver’s seat.

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