Facing What Is

Woman Looking at ReflectionWhat do you do when your present situation isn’t where you want to be?

When things feel misaligned, your instinct may be to fight against it. However, upon closer inspection, fighting the present moment goes against everything that is addressed by conscious living and mindfulness.

Trying to force something into what it is not wastes precious energy. As contradictory as it may seem, your release from the situation is to surrender to it.

We can choose to make the moment useful by extracting lessons from any situation that presents itself. This is where your power lies. Being present informs you of what to do next.

When you fight the moment, you miss the guidance. (Tweet this.)

You reject the wisdom that is being offered to you.

Only when you willingly face it, can you regain your footing and ultimately walk away from it – stronger and wiser. Your growth releases it and it has no other choice than to finally release you.

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