How to Get What You Need

woman-thinking-2-620x310Three steps are between your current state and your desired state. That’s it. Three steps. And, you only have to complete the first two. Here they are:

Ask. Act. Allow.

1. Ask: You must ask the Universe for exactly what you want. No beating around the bush.
2. Act: You must perform the appropriate supporting action. Note, sometimes, the right action is stillness.
3. Allow: Receive the feedback that is being provided.

If the desired result hasn’t manifested, you need to recalibrate. The problem isn’t in the process. It’s in how you perform the three steps.

Block #1: You don’t feel worthy enough to make an outright request.
Block #2: You take no action that is required or take inappropriate action.
Block #3: You don’t  receive what comes back to you because it isn’t in the form you expected.

Forgot one thing; let your intuition guide all three steps. This is the only way this works.

The Universe is having a constant conversation with you. Ego can not be at the helm. Remember, you attract the lessons you need more than the thing your ego wants. To yield the optimal results, you have to listen to the voice of your soul. That’s what intuition is.

If you aren’t getting what you think you want, make sure you’re listening to the right voice. Then, repeat the process as necessary.

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