Identity Crisis

imagesWe’ve been taught to describe ourselves in terms of what we do in the world; not only in vocation, but also in where we fall in relation to others. eg. parent, sibling, middle-aged. Then we take these labels and start to layer them in order to construct a fabricated self.

Although those descriptions may be accurate, the danger comes when we start to assign particular characteristics to those descriptions. For example, you might hear things like, “I can’t do ____ because I’m a mother” or “I’m too old to pursue _____.”

The over-identification with those identities leave little room for self-expression. We start to suppress aspects of ourselves in order to fit into the mold. We elect to live within the boundaries of those particular identities.

Tweet this: Identity crises happens when you realize that who you are being is not who you are. ~@EmeliaSam

There’s freedom in understanding that beneath all those layers, your true nature lies. You are a loving, compassionate, divine being who shares that expression in any number of ways. You are not here to experience a  restricted state.

Remember that who you are is a soul level exploration…and an ever unfolding story, if you so choose.

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2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I’ve been working with this topic in my practice for a while. Now, when I am expected to describe who I am I just reply, “I Am Myself.” There’s plenty of wiggle room in there! 🙂

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