How Dysfunctional Are You?

stock-footage-upset-woman-placing-her-hands-on-her-head-against-a-white-backgroundHabituation. It’s a decreased response to a stimulus that occurs repeatedly. It’s the reason why we don’t notice the clothes we’re wearing, or eyeglasses on our faces. We get used to the feeling. However, we can do the same thing with the negative forces in our lives. When we’re repeatedly exposed to negative circumstances, we may stop paying attention. For some of us, that negativity becomes the norm. In other words, we adopt the dysfunction as the standard for what is normal. Are there areas in your life where you have come to think of your dissatisfaction as being expected? More likely than not, this is a false belief you are telling yourself. With real focus, you can change your situation with awareness and a conscious effort to make different decisions. Dysfunction is one of many options. You have the right and the capability to choose differently. Your version of normal may be distorted. Recalibrate.

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