Cleaning House

jpeg There’s something about a change of seasons that calls for inner transition. Just cleaning out your living space can do wonders for balance and centeredness. Simply stated, creating physical space correlates with creating mental space.

But you can go much further than that. You can apply the same principles to other aspects of your life. The clutter you keep may include activities in which you half-heartedly engage. It can also refer to the company you keep.

Take inventory of all the entities that surround you that are pulling from your reserve of energy. Take time to review areas where you must say no. Carefully consider the people around you who are weighing you down. Of course, you can’t discard people like you discard things, but perhaps it’s time to decrease your interactions. At the very least, be vigilant of the way you feel around them and vow not to get caught up in another’s vortex of negativity.

Release all of the things taking up your emotional space. Reclaim your wholeness.

Give yourself room to breathe again.

If you need some more inspiration, check out the new book by my dear friend Dr. Melva Green and co-author Laura Rosenfeld. “Breathing Room” will give you everything you need and more.

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