Dear Me…We Need To Talk

dear meWhen’s the last time you thanked yourself?

Seriously. When’s the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back for a job well done?

We talk about the practice of gratitude but we often forget to include ourselves on the receiving end of that. When something bad happens, we often blame ourselves. Even if we don’t consciously hold ourselves accountable, we focus on what we should have done how we should have been…On some level, we claim responsibility.

When something great happens, we’ll say “Thank God/the Universe/the Divine.” We forget that we are constantly co-creating with that force. When it’s completely the Divine’s doing, that can be called grace. However, don’t we often help to get pieces in place? Do we not create fertile ground upon which the Divine can add its magic?

Go ahead and take some credit. You’re an active partner in this dance.

You deserve the warmth of your own appreciation.

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