Knowledge vs Knowing

urlTo continually educate ourselves is essential for growth. It is crucial for defense in that we don’t believe and adopt what we hear by default. It enables us to make stronger decisions and stand for what we consider to be important.

However, there is something more important than knowledge and that is knowing.

Knowing is that intangible feeling that compels you act in a particular way. It is the force that drives you to make a decision that you’re logically uncertain about but still relatively confident in making.

This is a different force than that of impulse as knowing will always lead to the highest good. Impulse? Not so much.

There are times when you know what you don’t know. It sounds contradictory, but we’ve all had the feeling.

Knowing is your connection to the Divine. Humanity has acquired knowledge, but your soul has eternal and complete wisdom.

Your knowledge will always be limited. Knowing is infinite.

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