The Crooked Path of Self-Help

winding-road_jjordanNo one is perfect.

None knows that better than those who claim to be on “the path.” The road to self-improvement is not a straight line steadily increasing in strength. That would be too perfect.

A few may experience that kind of growth, but most of us will have periods of regression in between advancements. Most of us will never be the Dalai Lama. Far from it. And, that’s OK.

We learn. We do better. We forget. We fall. We remember. We rise.

This is what personal growth is about – the willingness to meet the challenges even if we initially run from them. It’s not about always being correct, but it is about course correction when we veer off.

Don’t beat yourself up about the mis-steps. Just reset your compass and keep stepping. It doesn’t have to be a straight journey to be one of worth.

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