How to Handle Resistance

resisting_arrest_2168933My definition of resistance is an invitation to a party for which you don’t feel properly dressed. 

It’s quite the paradox. Resistance has two faces. You’re often resisting your current state of being while simultaneously resisting an elevated state. But why?

Several possibilities exist.

1) The most obvious is a fear of not being enough to meet the challenges of unfamiliar territory.

2) Another reason may be that the time you spend resisting, is really just an opportunity to concentrate your energies. Envision taking a running start before you leap across a chasm.

3) Or, perhaps, you haven’t extracted all the wisdom you need out of your current situation – a situation you can’t seem to escape.

Whenever you find yourself in a space of resistance, evaluate these three possibilities and see what resonates. Understanding the source of your resistance may help you work through it more efficiently.

But one thing is for sure. Resistance is natural and as I said in my definition, it is an invitation – an invitation to rise. Trust that you have everything you need to do so.

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