2014 and You

imagesResolutions simply don’t work for the majority of people. Perhaps because, they’re usually made on a superficial level. That’s not to say that the resolutions, themselves, are superficial.

It only means that the heart of most resolutions isn’t often explored. It isn’t the thing you’re after, but what that thing will bring to you and how it will make you feel about yourself.

Alternatively, I have chosen a theme for the year. It will be the umbrella under which all decisions will be made. My theme for the year is “CHANGE.” I will learn to welcome it. I will consciously create it. I will love it.

My primary intention? To invite more possibility into my life and explore the fullness of my being.

As I’ve tried to repeatedly reinforce through my communications, you are infinitely capable. What would it take for you to move into the fullness of who you are…who you can be?

Choose a theme to help you move in that direction. Remember, the Universe would not torment you with a desire it had no intentions of making possible for you. Believe. Act. Allow.

2014 is yours. Happy New Year.

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