Breaking Negative Cycles: Turns Out It Is Rocket Science

imgresI had a great response to a post I wrote for MindBodyGreen last week. The subject had to do with breaking negative cycles. And although, the steps seem rather straightforward, we all know that it’s rarely that easy. It got me to thinking about why.

Because of the earth’s gravitational pull, enough speed must be garnered by rockets in order to break free of it. But prior to adequate speed being obtained, fuel is burned in order to create enough thrust to initially propel the rocket. And, the further the rocket gets from the source of the pull, the amount of energy it takes to break free drops.

Negative cycles are nothing more than habits you tend to revolve around. Until you attain enough strength to create thrust then break free of your self-imposed cycle, you will be subject to its hold on you. Only when you supply yourself with enough fuel and support will you then be able to reach your own escape velocity.

The question is, how much fuel do you have? Who is your core group of family or friends? Do you pay attention to self-care? What and who are your energy drains? These are the things that help determine the amount of thrust you can attain.

Only when you have these things in order will you be able to perform all of the five steps listed in the article. It can be done on your own, but it takes much less if you have a strong foundation off of which to launch with a proper amount of fuel to start.

So, what was key for you in breaking some of your past negative patterns? How did you prepare for flight? What do you need to master  to break free now?

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