Something More

Something-MoreHave you gone down a path you thought would be more rewarding than it turned out to be? That would apply to most people in some aspect of life – job, relationships, etc. You set out to do something, achieve it, and there’s little sense of satisfaction in the end.

The problem is that we often bear guilt for the way that we feel. That gnawing feeling of “there must be something more” is not something to be said aloud for fear of being seen as ungrateful.

Well, quite frankly, that’s crap.

If your gut is telling you there’s something more, there probably is. This isn’t a matter of greed or lack of gratitude. If you are truly in touch with the depths of your soul, you know when its needs are not being met. That gnawing feeling is a reminder to wake up to your possibilities. That discomfort is simply an unfolding of another dimension in your personal evolution.

Heed the call. “Something more” is your right.

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