How Complaining is Useful

complainerIt’s easy to complain about every thing that isn’t ideal in your life. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough love. The list is endless.

But when you’re complaining, you’re at your worst. Who wants to be around you except another complainer? Then you can get caught up in the vortex of dissatisfaction which usually amounts to absolutely NOTHING. Why complain in the first place if you’re not going to do anything about it?

Here’s the thing. Complaints shouldn’t be suppressed. Maybe they shouldn’t be shared, but they shouldn’t be suppressed. They’re actually useful because…

A complaint is really just fear in disguise. (Tweet this.)

Imagine if “I’m sick and tired of all of these bills” really means, “I’m afraid I’ll never be self-sufficient.”

Imagine if “There are no good women/men around” really means, “I’m afraid I’ll always be alone.”

Your complaints are simply a deeper part of yourself calling to be acknowledged.  So, next time you hear yourself complaining, ask yourself about the true origins of your fear. Put them to good use…or you can just keep complaining. Your choice.

3 thoughts on “How Complaining is Useful

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