Ask and Receive…Or Not

iStock_000008998317XSmallOne simple question for you. Do you ask for what you need?

Why is asking so hard? It’s because it puts you in a place of vulnerability – a place where you can be rejected. But guess what? By not asking, you’ve already rejected yourself-and if you’re not on your side, you’re off to a horrible start.

Asking sets off a cascade. The person or people who can fulfill your request get to step up to the plate. It gives room for the Universe to work its magic. Most importantly, it opens the space to allow what you need to come your way.

Think of not asking as inhibiting the flow – not only your own, but everyone else’s. You are holding up the process.

But, remember. You may or may not get what you asked for. If not, you’re probably not asking for the right thing. Believe that if it doesn’t come your way, it’s not what you need. Revise and dare to ask again. 😉

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