Hidden Value


Every decision you make is a direct reflection of what you value.

Values run our lives.

Unfortunately, we have two levels of values – those that are conscious and those that often remain unspoken. And, many of those unspoken values are directing our paths.

For example, you may claim you value self-respect. However, unconsciously, you value companionship more. The end result is finding yourself in an unhealthy relationship. You’ve unknowingly created a hierarchy of values that betrays what you say.

For the longest time, I valued security without ever acknowledging it. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of my truest self. I was suppressing the truth of who I was in order to secure a future that wasn’t resonating with me. It wasn’t until I shed light on this buried value that I could eliminate it and make room for what has now become a core value – authenticity.

If life isn’t matching up with what you desire, you must ask yourself about hidden values. What are you clinging to? What needs to be replaced?

What do you really value?

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