When You’re Ready

stubborn-dogI had just finished exercising outdoors yesterday. As I was walking to my car, I noticed a couple walking their beautiful fluffy white sheepdog. They stopped momentarily to give him a bowl they filled with water. The dog happily stopped to partake of their offering.

When he finished, they picked up the bowl and attempted to continue their walk. The dog decidedly flopped down in place. They called him, coaxed him, begged him but the dog just contentedly sat there. He was sitting in the shade quietly observing all the happenings around him – well, all except his owners. He wasn’t being obstinate. He wasn’t actively resisting as dogs sometimes do (see above). He simply wasn’t ready to move.

Even when one owner tried to physically nudge him (mind you, this was a sizable dog), he simply looked at the owner. They were at a loss, but something told me it wasn’t the first time their pet was running the show. After a few minutes, the dog stood up and resumed walking unprompted.

So what the hell does this have to do with you?

Sometimes, you just aren’t ready…and that’s ok. Don’t confuse this state with stalling or being fearful. There are simply times when you know it’s not time to move. How do you tell the two apart? Well, with the latter, you will be content with staying still. There’s no angst associated with the choice to pause.  There’s a difference between stagnancy and a conscious choice to hold your position.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. When it’s time, you will know and you will move accordingly. Trust.

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