What Do You Desire?

butterfly-pictures-1I’ve been doing Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map program. For those of you not familiar, you better ask somebody…or click here. Anyway, I’ve just been getting in touch with what she describes as your core desired feelings.

With summer in full force these past few days (even though it’s still spring) I resumed exercising outdoors. I decided to take in the beauty of the Tidal Basin. Exhausted but fulfilled, I sat in a quiet memorial just observing the birds, and butterflies, and dragonflies. I let their wisdom speak to me.

Birds know all about taking flight at will. Butterflies know all about the beauty of transformation. I once read that dragonflies are symbols of releasing self-imposed limitations. It later dawned on me that these winged creatures were silently sending me instruction on how to be FREE. It’s no wonder I subsequently ran through the sprinklers under their guidance…several times.

Too long, I’ve been stifled by societal expectations-expectations I had adopted as my own. In the past I’ve tried desperately to conform, to fit in. To blend. But it’s never been easy and certainly never felt quite right.

dragonflies_11612Is it any wonder that my body reacts to any sense of restriction? An ever-evolving allergic reaction to gloves and masks is physical evidence of my aversion to being closed in…which really doesn’t work for someone who’s supposed to be seeing patients. 😉 And forget about mental restriction. Thinking inside designated lines is a serious pet peeve of mine.

Liberation is undoubtedly one of my core desired feelings. And I bet if you’re reading this post, it’s something you value, too. What have been the things that have kept you boxed in? What’s stifling you now? What’s keeping you small? Leave a comment…then go break through it!

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