Are You On Purpose? ( PT analysis™)

If you’ve read my bio or know me personally, you know that I would describe myself as once having been “on track, but off purpose.” I was definitely on a road to something and ticking off all the boxes, but they were things that didn’t resonate with me. They had nothing to do with my purpose. I came up with this schematic which seems to encompass most people. Where do you fall? (Brief descriptions follow.)   PT Analysis

Confinement (no track) –  You are unsure of what your purpose is and have no direction. You feel stifled by your present conditions and may be subject to paralysis. You feel restricted by circumstance. The truth is you either haven’t thought about what your purpose might be, or have not accepted it, or currently lack the tenacity to see it through. You have a tendency to over-think your situation. But as my virtual mentor, Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

Polarization (wrong track) – You are on track for something. You might even be pretty accomplished. Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with your purpose. You feel depleted no matter how many goals you reach or how many pats on the back you receive. Your path is leading you further away from your true purpose. Face the truth if you ever intend on finding fulfillment.

Misalignment (imperfect track) – You are moving the direction of your purpose. However, you feel like something is still not clicking. Keep moving forward and feel your way through. Lose the rigidity in the way you think things should happen. You’re almost there.

Alignment – There is congruence in what you feel, what you do, and the results you see. As exhibited in the schematic, there is a synergistic result when purpose and action come together. Even when you fall off track, as we all do, you can get right back on it. Keep doing you.

So which quadrant do you fall into? What’s your next step to get you to where you want to be?

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