Why Affirmations Don’t Work

BuddhaAffirmations are a highly popular tool in the self-help world. However, affirmations alone, don’t work. Simply saying wise words without making an effort to change underlying belief and behavior isn’t personal development. It’s delusion.

And quite frankly, it’s laziness.

It’s the equivalent of taking the magic pill for weight loss without diet modification or exercise. It’s the easy way out if you aren’t truly committed to real change. Long-lasting change. Earned change.

Affirmations are meant to be used in conjunction with various techniques to instill confidence and eventually lead to meaningful transformation. Don’t get me wrong. I love affirmations when used correctly. And to prove it, below is a list of a month’s worth of them you can use for yourself.

But, do you want to learn about  19 more changes you can consider in creating purposeful change? Go to http://emeliasam.com and sign up for the newsletter and you’ll also receive the e-book “How to Create The Life You Really Want: 20 Small Strategies for Big Changes.” Or, you can just print out these 31 affirmations for your own use. Either way, you win. 🙂

Day#1  I am more than enough.

Day #2  My soul is my compass.

Day #3  I choose to live in infinite possibilities.

Day #4  Fear may be my companion but it will never be my guide.

Day #5  Doubt does not belong to me.

Day #6  My choices are chances for change.

Day #7  I experience what I radiate.

Day #8  I am where I need to be for what I need to learn.

Day #9  I live in a benevolent Universe.

Day #10 I am entitled to inner peace. 

Day #11 I invite the miraculous to enter my life.

Day #12 I believe in my Divine worth.

Day #13 I honor my purpose with every conscious decision I make.

Day #14 Limitations are illusions of worry.

Day #15 My options are as wide as my vision.

Day #16 I am never alone in my honorable pursuits.

Day #17 I surrender to the magic that weaves itself into my life.

Day #18 My power is in my belief.

Day #19 I attract pure souls into my world.

Day #20 I am deserving of the visions I hold.

Day #21 Every thing I value comes to fruition.

Day #22 I am prepared to meet my destiny head on.

Day #23 My purpose is clear, worthy and attainable.

Day #24 Nothing is out of Divine reach, including me.

Day #25 I welcome truth as my ally.

Day #26 I trust my dreams to be my guides.

Day #27 I am worth the effort my dreams require.

Day #28 I am growing with every experience.

Day #29 I honor myself in all ways possible.

Day #30 My spirit is invincible.  

Day #31 My ability is extraordinary and my Divine reserves are infinite.

Concentrate on one affirmation a day. But I promise you, unless you’re willing to do the necessary additional work, the life you crave will remain elusive. Don’t let it slip away. It’s waiting for you. http://emeliasam.com

Leave a comment. How have affirmations worked for you?

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