When Bad Things Happen

In light of the terror attacks in Boston, I felt it necessary to share. We get complacent in our bubbles of safety and the relative proximity has shaken me out of that complacency. This is something that millions around the world experience on a daily basis. It just shouldn’t be.

It’s so difficult when ugliness manifests in such a way. It’s easy to go into the tailspin of how could this happen. As a deeply sensitive individual, I cannot help but feel the weight of these events and the helplessness it promotes.

However, I believe that all madness stems from disconnection. We don’t harm that to which we feel deeply connected. It’s when the illusion of separateness enters that we see horror manifest.

And although, we can’t avoid all the craziness and tragedy that has taken place and continues to occur, we can make an effort to move towards connecting with others


That’s where our power resides. The refusal to be robbed of hope for better days. The refusal to believe that love can not heal. The awareness that each of us is part of a whole that begs for recognition of this fact.

Connection isn’t something we just share with close family and friends. Connection is woven into the life purpose of each and every one of us. It is not incidental. It’s purposeful and takes effort.

Make the effort. Please. The world depends on it.

2 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen

  1. Beautifully stated, Emelia! I agree with you. These type of tragedies are mainly acts being carried out because people feel disconnected, in some way or the other.

    It is incredibly easy for us to deceive ourselves into thinking that we are safe, because this type of tragic cowardliness didn’t happen in our own backyard. We are far from being safe, and no matter where it happens, we will be affected by the out pour of humanities cry to feel connected. We should not permit ourselves to believe that we are helpless from doing something to change what is becoming prevalent in our culture. There is so much that we can do… and you said it perfectly in the image attached to the post here. “Step up!”

    I loved this, beloved! It rung deep within my spirit and soul. So grateful to be on this onward journey of discovery with such a beautiful soul as yours. Blessing to you, Emelia.

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