How to Capture Love

Heart-on-top-of-stones1How can you possibly capture love with words? It’s impossible but I just had to attempt it. Especially after my last post, I had to do something to remove the aftertaste of the sometimes bitter life experiences. I had to remind myself about the goodness that life has to offer…a bird’s song, a first kiss, a mother’s hug, a best friend’s encouragement. I had to immerse myself in thinking about love

Fortunately, Aspire magazine was looking for articles about love so I submitted this piece, “What is Love?” As I was writing, I found that it basically wrote itself. It was an outpouring of Divinity that was begging to be expressed. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing, remembering, willfully submerging…


2 thoughts on “How to Capture Love

  1. Love is in everything, big and small. I love how you captured its essence here… a first kiss, a mother’s hug… these are powerful moments filled with love. All one has to do is stand before a beautiful flower to feel love.

    Great post!

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