Removing the Thorns: Rainbows, Unicorns,and Assault Weapons (NOT a political perspective)

I can’t.  No. Actually, I won’t. Under-The-Rainbow-unicorns-9074573-610-445

See, I used to think that following a “spiritual path” meant I shouldn’t feel things such as anger. I thought it meant that eventually I would remain unfazed in the face of sheer ignorance. It also meant I wouldn’t judge something by calling it ignorant. Fail.

However, there are things that do not sit well with me. And that’s perfectly OK.

I now understand that spirit is not neutral. It is non-judgmental but it is definitely not neutral. Spirit operates from a space of love. Love is certainly not neutral. That would be indifference. Spirit is not indifferent.

When I feel an emotion creeping up within, I don’t try to suppress it. I try not to act on it, but to examine its origins. Is it about my ego or is it something else?

In this case, it’s something else. It’s another thorn.

See, my “anger” really just signifies a dissonance between what I’m witnessing and what spirit tells me. It’s up to me to make a choice to transform that emotion into something more useful…which brings me to the point of this post.

I will not get into an argument about gun control. I would love to live in a world free of them, however, I am well aware that we have not yet reached the rainbows and unicorns phase of our existence.  I choose not to own a firearm, but I will draw no judgment upon those who choose otherwise for protection of self and family.

I am uncomfortable with them because I only know them in one context. As graphic as it may be, I know what it is to see and treat more than one face shattered by a single bullet. I understand what it is to literally see intestines escape the abdominal cavity through pierced skin.  I am all too aware of the physical ramifications and psychological damage that can be inflicted post-trauma. I have a past residency in Washington DC to “thank” for shattering the relative innocence of my Canadian upbringing.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candleWhen the Newtown tragedy first happened, I was one of the people who felt it inappropriate for the political debates to immediately begin – especially before anyone knew the full details. As we’ve witnessed, it’s impossible to keep the politics out of it, but I’m more concerned with the spiritual perspective.

When a segment of the population fights vehemently to keep such weapons available, what does it say about us as a whole? If I believe myself to be a spiritual being then I have to recognize my connection to every other being on this planet. Consequently, I have to ask myself about my role in countering what I consider to be a  greatly disturbing vibration. How do I affect the situation when I’m not a lobbyist or a lawmaker?

Then I realize that I make my mark through what I do best.

I’m not an activist in the traditional sense of the word, but I suppose I am a spiritual activist when it comes to my writing and shared thoughts. I’m a proponent of consciousness using a keyboard, a pen, and my voice as instruments.

innerlightMy role is to inspire people to live their highest expression. It is my duty to bring light wherever I can and encourage people to get back to their truest selves. As I always say, you can choose to add to the pool of positivity or negativity with every action. Eventually, if enough of us choose the positive, we decidedly tip the scales. This is the key to every movement that ever succeeded.

I firmly believe that all society dysfunction is a result of personal dysfunction. If I can get one more person to look inward, then I am helping to tip the scales.

All lightworkers have the same assignment and as idealistic as it may sound, together we can make a difference. The possibilities are far more important that the immediate probabilities. We may not get to see the long-term effects of our efforts but that is irrelevant if we truly believe in what we’re doing. It is our responsibility to lay a spiritual foundation from which all is possible.

I’m in this physical world even though I firmly understand I am not of it. Do I succumb to its sometimes questionable ways or do I use spirit as my compass? With one foot on this shaky ground, I will aim for the elusive rainbows and unicorns as I have been charged.

Will you?

3 thoughts on “Removing the Thorns: Rainbows, Unicorns,and Assault Weapons (NOT a political perspective)

  1. I’ve said it before, but it bares to be repeated again – I love your work, Emelia! I can tell you write from the deepest, truest, part of yourself. It’s quite refreshing! This piece is no different.

    Like you, and many others who were stunned by the tragedy of Newton, I couldn’t wrap my mind around what would possess someone to go into a elementary school (of all places), pull out a gun and proceed to shoot innocent children randomly. I cannot fathom what the young man must have been thinking, but I also cannot ignore my belief of everything happening for a reason.

    Spiritually, I know that we cannot control what other people do in this life. All we can do is try to find some type of peace with what happened.

    I’m with you though, altering the laws concerning guns, I’m afraid is not the answer. I can’t help but think we are missing the boat once again on how to deal with these type of tragedies.

    While I do not know what the answer is to this growing dilemma, I, like you, believe the answer is each of us looking inwardly at our own choices, decisions, behaviors, mindsets, beliefs, and thoughts.

    If everyone in the world would become a little bit more mindful and consciously aware, there is no way anyone could walk into a public facility, with the intent to harm others, unnoticed. If we would wake up to a higher consciousness, and become more tolerable of one another’s differences, I don’t think these types scenarios would happen as often as they seem to be occurring.

    I agree with you also that all society dysfunction is a result of personal dysfunction.

    There needs to be a global awakening, and I believe it’s going to be soldiers of light and truth, (or as you so well put it, spiritual activist), who cause the awakening that needs to take place.

    Thank you for being one in such a small army of us. Blessings to you, my dear friend.

    • Problems like this are multilayered but at the core of every issue is a spiritual deficit. That’s where we make our mark. All aspects need to be addressed, but if the core isn’t changed, the rest is just dressing/camouflage. I am so thankful for spirits such as yourself ready to take up the charge. While most will work from outside in, we’ll take it from the inside outward.

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