Divine Grace Explained. Maybe Not.

I’ve always had a hard time understanding the concept of grace. When it happened, I could identify it, but I never had the words to explain what it is. I would hear other people’s explanations and fleetingly think, “Yes. That’s it.” However, I would soon forget what was said.

But this past weekend, I watched an interview with Caroline Myss by none other than Oprah. When asked her definition, Caroline said,

“Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment to something better.”

Perfection. That is the definition I’ve been waiting for. (I hate ending sentences with prepositions when writing, but whatever…I digress.)

Grace is the power that acts independently of circumstance. I think of God as loving but I also feel we largely operate under laws of impartiality. For example: law of attraction, karma, etc. They exist for all of us regardless of who we are or what we individually believe.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that grace is a power that transcends Universal law. On the other hand grace may be part of the law but if so, when does it make an appearance?

One step closer to understanding draws me further into the rabbit hole. But it’s ok. I live here.

What do you think grace is?

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