Whitney Shone. Will you?

Yesterday we lost an icon. At 48 years of age, songbird, Whitney Houston, passed into the next dimension.  Like many others, I associate her music with a million memories.

I remember passionately singing “Saving All My Love for You” into my hairbrush, wishing desperately that my cheap tape recording would resemble her perfect pitch.  (It didn’t.) I remember dancing to her rendition of “I’m Every Woman” feeling the latent power of my femininity. I still remember countless hours spent listening to love songs desperate to feel the promise of a romantic paradise.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of why’s? Why did she go so young? Why did she have to struggle? Why did the drugs takeover?  If only…

But falling into this vortex of why overshadows all that was extraordinary about Whitney.  At the end of the day, she was able to do what most of us will never accomplish.  I’m not referring to her millions in record sales or untold wealth. I’m talking about the one thing that is accessible to us all.

Whitney shared her God-given gifts with the rest of us.  Despite her imperfection, there was immense beauty that she left behind.  A beauty we can continue to revel in through melodies that will live in our hearts eternally.

She took her light and illuminated us all with it. She released her greatness. In that respect, Whitney got it right.

Will you?

R.I.P. Ms. Houston.  You taught us so much more than we realize.

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