Life Upgrade Tip – Weekly Recap 11/11/11

136. Nothing external dictates who you are. Real power lives inside of you.

137. We are all energy fields. Interact to enhance, not diminish, the positivity you radiate.

138.  Remember that your story is one of many. Have compassion for the side that you can’t see.

139. Your view is limited. Trust the Universe to provide the right thing at the right time.

140. Your imagination is directly related to your possibilities. Dream big.

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One thought on “Life Upgrade Tip – Weekly Recap 11/11/11

  1. Love this Emelia.
    Very much my kind of thinking, although I gave up looking for myself some years back when I realized that I had found me and walked right past.

    Life is a road of rolling hills, switchbacks and open plains, of oceans with currents, winds and waves, there to energizes those that open their hearts and minds to it. Be aware of yourself within, there is your compass to a fulfilled life.

    Have to get your book.

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