Plugging In to the Universe

Twitter has become a place where I can express my thoughts and engage in the mind-expanding conversations that sometimes make the masses uncomfortable.  I have come to enjoy the world of twitter chats that enables me to jump into these types of exchanges on a regular basis.

There are so many informative chats that I like to frequent, but at the top of my list (in no particular order) are #leadfromwithin, #spiritchat, and #soulcall.   These are the chats that resonate with me because they encourage me to explore beneath the surface.  They help me to refine my views on spirituality and what it truly means to me. In short, they provide exercise for the mind and spirit.

A few days ago, we covered the concepts of silence and stillness and talked about the space within that we occupy (or not).  It really got me to thinking about how we connect internally and externally – on a physical and a spiritual level.

We have our individual practices that connect us with our spirits. Ultimately, we merge with the collective higher consciousness.When I sit in silence, I use the portal of meditation to go internally. Only there can I access the pool of wisdom of All that is.

In the virtual world, we can make a choice to connect with the entities that strengthen us. We start out solitary and end up as part of the collective.The experience of Twitter (social media) affords us the opportunity to use our individual tools to connect with the whole.

Interesting that contrary to popular belief, technology is not always devoid of meaning. In this case, technology mirrors the spiritual. It can be a very tricky line to walk, though. Slipping down the rabbit hole of the net is alluring. Though I believe it is essential that we occasionally unplug, the experience of the net is as unique as the individual who chooses to use it.

“Connection is when the wave realizes that it is part of the Ocean.” Thich Nhat Hanh

(Thank you Kumud for reminding us of this very fitting quote.)

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