Your First Kiss

Remember your first kiss?

The one that you felt from your quivering lips to the very tips of your toes? Breath held. One…two…You felt like you would burst open from an intolerable surge of bliss.  There was that feeling of being in your own secret world with this other and yet a sense of being part of everything at once.  

What if you discovered that the memory you hold isn’t really your first kiss?

In a tweetchat (#soulchat), hosted by Amy Oscar, a perceptive soul @cehoughtling asked the following question:  

“Why does experiencing God require practice? Why is it not as natural as breathing?”

The irony of the statement struck me instantly. How many cultures and practices tie breath to divinity?  We hear of Prana, Qi (Chi) – this “life energy” and it is often tied to some from of breath control.  Somehow, this practice of intentional breathing is designed to reconnect us to the Divine.

When we think of our real first kiss, was it not that of the Divine (God, the Universe, whatever you choose to call it) that gave us life?  This was the first intimate touch that transferred the gift of breath to our physical being.  A breath that filled us with vitality and promise and yet we often forget…

When you experience those moments of connection with the Divine, does it not feel as if you will burst open from an intolerable surge of bliss? Do you not feel as if you share a mystic world with the Other and yet sense being a part of everything at once?

The next time you think of your first kiss, remember it fondly. Then, remember to breathe.

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