Black Girls Rock!

Lastnight, I did something I never ever do.  I willingly watched BET.  I won’t go off on a rant stating the reasons why I don’t seek their programming, but suffice it to say there is little there of interest to me…until lastnight.

I watched the  Black Girls Rock! event and was moved beyond what I thought was possible.  Started by DJ Beverly Bond as a t-shirt line four years ago, it grew to be an organization that mentored adolescent girls.   But it’s become even more than that.

Lastnight proved that BGR has become a movement dedicated to the empowerment of all black females.  It proved itself to be a counterforce against all the negative depictions of black women that far outnumber the positive images.

To recognize our youngest CEO’s along icons such as Ruby Dee was brilliance.  It showed how capable we all are at any given time in our lives.  To see these brown faces light up on the screen simply because  BGR publicly said “good job” was priceless.  It gave me hope for the upcoming generation and at the same time motivated me to reach for excellence.

I wish something like this had existed when I was younger.  Though I still would have endured inescapable growing pains, it might have made a few doubtful days a little easier.  To have been able to see reflections of myself could have only added to my struggling sense of self-esteem.

But the beauty is that even though BGR didn’t appear until two plus decades after those delicate years, it still has an impact.  The child within is finally affirmed and the woman is fortified.

A job well done, Beverly.  You rock.

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