Stay connected??

Stay connected to your life.

That’s the slogan that goes along with a Facebook update for smartphones.  It strikes me as odd since the moment I wake up and open my eyes, I’m already connected to my life. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology.  I love having instant access when necessary, but usually it’s instant access to information that I care about.

I recently went on an international trip and to avoid exuberant charges, I turned off my BB.  I found it quite freeing not to wake up and grab my phone to check my texts, emails, etc. before my feet hit the floor.  Most of what I read (99% of the time) was nothing that needed immediate attention.  In fact, it usually kept me from getting on with my real life. 

As much as I love the convenience and accessibility, technology has to be kept in its place as a tool, not a medium.  It shouldn’t be the middleman between me and my real life.  I found that in order to stay connected, I had to ironically disconnect.

Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, etc…do have value, but my real life has way more value.   And you’re right FB.  I should stay connected to my life.  I just realize that I don’t need you to do that for me.  Thanks, anyway. 

Obviously, I’m blogging so I don’t want to do away with the virtual world.  I’m just very conscious that it shouldn’t replace a truly engaged existence.   Stay connected, people.

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